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The Summer Market is Going Strong
until October 25th!!

We’ve got another great market day planned for this Saturday! The weather is looking fine, and a great chance to bike, hike & zoom downtown to the market! There is lots going on around town, and we with loads of loyal vendors, we welcome our loyal shoppers!! 

Chef Steve Fecho will be transforming some fresh, local produce into a delicious delicacy before your eyes! The Chef to Market Demo starts at 11:30am. Come learn, taste & enjoy some local treasures!!

Fresh Picks Tip of the Week:
How fresh are your eggs?? Market eggs are super fresh, without a doubt – but if you have them in the fridge for a long time, and want to be sure they’re still good, here’s the test:

Fill a bowl with cold water and place the egg inside.
If it sinks to the bottom, it's good.
If it sinks but stands on its point, it's good, but won't be good for much longer and should be used soon.
If it floats, toss it. This works because old eggs will have lost a lot of the liquid on the inside, evaporating through their porous shell—causing the egg to float instead of sink. 

Susan Holden is taking care of music at the market this Saturday. Soak up the sweet melodies! Come for the food & arts, stay for a fantastic venue of local music and talent!!

Thanks for your support –
Thinking local, shopping local and loving local!!


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