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A Toast to the Spirit of the Community!! 

As fall moves in, the Summer Market continues until October 25th with abundance and fanastic vendors! This Saturday, we have a new, local vendor to toast to.... Gillespies Fine Spirits. Gillespies is a new (and the first) distillery in Squamish that will be sharing their creations at the market. They've got gin, vodka, specialty liqueurs and whiskey in their mission of creation. Come and learn more about this local business, and have a sample of the new possibilities!

Of course - we know to be well fed before taking a sip.... so enjoy some delicious hot food at the market too! We've got Ninja Crepes with their famous variety of Sweet & Savoury Crepes; Transylvania Fresh with the famous Schnitzel, Cabbage Rolls & Meat Balls; Whistler Pierogies with their fine Hot Onsite or Frozen to Go Pierogies; and our newest hot food vendor - Squamish Style, offering Ochaduke (a bowl of rice with choice of meats & veg, soaked in soup) and Donburi (a bowl of rice with choice of meats & veg). 
As the autumn wind blows, enjoy your warm, comfort food while listening to the day's performer and soaking up the community buzz that surrounds you!!

We will be drawing the winner of our monthly raffle at 2:45pm this Saturday. The raffle basket is full to the brim with generous vendor donations valuing over $400!!  Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. The funds raised help support a fanastic market with fine staff, volunteers, happy vendors and shoppers too!!

Fresh Picks Tip of the Week:
What to do with Super Huge Zucchini?? You may have noticed that the market zucchinis are growing to substantial sizes lately! They are more than a simple addition to a salad. Here's some ideas to ponder:
Roasted Zucchini - cut in half and filled with seasoning, Zucchini Loaf, Zucchini Fritters / Patties, Zucchini Slaw, Zucchini Preserves - Pickles, Relish, Chutney, BBQ Zucchini... and there is more, way more. Check this link for more recipes.

Deborah Tyzio - The Land of Deborah - taking care of music at the market this Saturday.  Come for the food & arts, stay for a fantastic venue of local music and talent!!

Thanks for your support – Thinking local, shopping local and loving local!!

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To learn more about Squamish Farmers’ Market Association visit or phone (604) 848-4339
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