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'Tis the Season to Gobble Up the Harvest!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the farmers' market is the best place to get delicious, fresh produce to feast upon!

Many of you are also on the hunt for the perfect turkey, well, look no further! Stony Mountain Farm is taking orders! If you are looking for a turkey that has been raised locally, free range, and with it's happiness as #1, you have found your source. The turkeys are Grade A certified, and no medication or antibiotics are ever used. They enjoy a good life in Squamish Valley, with slow and steady growth, daily dust bathing, sunshine, fresh air and just being turkeys. You'll find Tracy at the market every Saturday, with eggs for sale, and ready to answer any questions about her fine farm and its bounty!

Fresh Picks Tip of the Week: Cabbage

Use cabbage while farm fresh to get its maximum health benefits. It can be stored in the refrigerator, but the fresher the better!
Preparation and serving methods:
To prepare, trim off the stem end and discard any withered outer layer leaves. Wash the outter head. Cut the head into two equal halves and then slice the leaves as you may desire in the recipes. Here are some serving tips:

Thoroughly cleaned cabbage can be eaten raw, in fact, is very nutritious.
Raw sliced or chopped leaves can be added to vegetable salad preparations.
Fresh or pickled cabbage leaves used as rolls or in filling.
Stew fried cabbage, add to soup or a stir fry!
Make it last through the season by fermenting it as sauerkraut… Here’s a handy link that Amber, our sauerkraut master, suggests:

We have a Chef to Market Demonstration tomorrow, beginning at 11:30am. Come and watch local Chef, Steve Fecho transform local produce into delicious food to enjoy! Come, watch, learn and sample the creations!

Cam Salay is taking care of music at the market this Saturday.  Come for the food & arts, stay for a fantastic venue of local music and talent!!

The Summer Market continues until October 25th, with the Winter Market beginning on Saturday, November 8th at Squamish Elementary School.

Thanks for your support – Thinking local, shopping local and loving local!!

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To learn more about Squamish Farmers’ Market Association visit or phone (604) 848-4339
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