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2 More Summer Markets...
     a week off... and The Winter Market Begins!

We've had a wonderful summer season! The weather has been great, the shoppers have been loyal, and the vendors have been diverse, with fantastic products to offer.

Our Winter Market season is fast approaching, and is set to begin on November 8th. It will take place on alternate Saturdays, from 11am - 3pm at Squamish Elementary School - Buckley Ave at Cleveland Ave. Given the new day, time and location, we need to get the word out... so please share the news... word of mouth travels fast!!

This week's market will have a "What's In" booth, featuring food preservation through water bath canning. On site expert, Monica, will be sharing how to preserve safely, with lots of tips and tricks for preparing pickles, jams, jelly, chutney, relish and more!!

Fresh Picks Tip of the Week:  Storing Garlic

Under good home storage conditions a solid, well-cured, well-wrapped garlic bulb will keep 6 to 8 months or longer. The actual keeping time is affected by variety and other factors. Store garlic at a cool, stable room temperature. A temperature of 15 - 18°C (60 - 65°F) with moderate humidity and some air circulation works well. You could hang garlic in mesh bags, keep it in horticulture boxes or store bulbs in paper bags.

Did You Know? Supermarket garlic has usually been kept cold in controlled storage. If garlic has been kept cold it soon begins to sprout when brought to room temperature.

Rita Kyle is taking care of music at the market this Saturday.  She's a local legend with a sweet vibe. Come for the food & arts, stay for a fantastic venue of local music and talent!!

The Summer Market continues until October 25th, with the Winter Market beginning on Saturday, November 8th at Squamish Elementary School.

Thanks for your support – 
             Thinking local, shopping local and loving local!!

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To learn more about Squamish Farmers’ Market Association visit or phone (604) 848-4339
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