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Bishops Weed - Ajwain - Carom Seeds

Used in Indian Curries primarily for its strong taste and in other dishes that are difficult to digest. Its is widely believed that Ajwain helps in digestion. It has a strong Peppery and caraway bitter after taste.
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Black Cardamon

The not as well known spice as the Green Cardamom, it is used in cooking curries and for flavouring rice and other foods in the Indian Cusine.
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Chai Masala - Spice for Tea (Chai Latte)

Masala chai is a special type of Tea preparation consumed in India, It is traditionally made by boiling Black Tea leaves ( and now Tea Bags) in water and milk. The exact proportions is left up to the chef.
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Chat Pata Wings

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Chickpea curry

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Coconut Curry Jar

Coconut curry spice blend will allow you to cook a gentle tasting Indian curry . Use chicken, meats or Veggies.
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Crockpot Curry

A Slow Cooker Recipe that just makes life so easy. Add all ingredients into the crockpot, and walk away, return to a well balanced and delicious meal.
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Curry Lentil Risotto

This is a seldom spoken about Rice and Lentil dish made all over India. It is like a Comfort food. Traditionally it is eaten when one is looking for something soft and light.
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Hamburger Meat & Pea Curry

A little known curry recipe that is very widely enjoyed all over the Northern Parts of India. Normally using Goat meat but ground beef or turkey or even soya mince works very nicely.
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Mango Curry

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Potato & Cauliflower Curry

A spice blend very delicate and full of layers of flavours that make for a very enjoyable meal. Add other veggies to the pot to create your own version of the veggie curry so popular at most Indian buffet restaurants.
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Prawn Vindaloo

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