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Bacchanalia - Balsamic Vinegar Caramel with Sea Salt

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
The sensational burst of balsamic vinegar caramel instantly thrills your palate, grows more luscious as a sea salt finish blends the flavors into a pungent and incredibly complex feeling that will astonish and delight your whole being.

Bliss Fix - Passion fruit

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
You will succumb to the vigour of passion fruit and musky dark chocolate crystallized into an exceptionally unique and magnetic blend: as stimulating and innocent as your first date should have been.

Blue Moon - Blue Cheese Chocolate

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Like an unanticipated love, chocolate and blue cheese is one of the rare, supremely angelic liaisons from a decadent heaven. Try it, you will feel a blue sun rising somewhere between the hearts of two lovers.

Brunette Bangle - Curry and Coconut

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Sumptuous Moghul curry melts in your mouth and sets off by a slightly sweet coconut milk that creates a multidimensional sensation of pleasure.


Crown Vancouver - Egg Nog & Rum

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
This dazzling eggnog infused chocolate appears deceptively innocent, with its egg yolks and spiced cream while it's naughty side unlocks yours with disrobing dark rum.


Dark Moon - Rum Truffle

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Our extra-bitter couverture chocolate instantly hits your senses and evokes nocturnal adventures as spiced rum flavors emerge from the dark chocolate ganache centre.


First Kiss - Sour Cherry-Raspberry Caramel

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
The sacred matrimony between these two fruit revels in dramatic stimulation reminiscent of a first kiss. The fiery dark chocolate insinuates encouragement as your nervous knees settle down with the first silky taste of tender white ganache.



Iron Buddha - Cardamom and Tea

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
This novel combination of Lapsang Souchong tea and 20-year aged Iron Buddha tea stimulates your palate with a whisper of cardamom and notes of black pepper and cloves.


Jade Box - Japaneese Matcha Tea

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Green jade symbolizes beauty and harmony. This chocolate & matcha blend brings out the bewitching innocence of your inner grace as its gently sculpted edges melt in your mouth.

Juliette's Whip - Green Mandarin

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
A chocolate, built on the darkest bridge between agony and ecstasy: Rosemary and damp, night-flowering green mandarin. You will face the ethereal fabric of all the conflicting desires you ever had in this decadent chocolate.


Leningrad - Espresso Vodka

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Be ready. It is time to destroy your emotional Berlin Wall. The smooth incarnation of Elite Russian vodka and upscale Panamanian coffee is the heart of this vigorous chocolate.


Matchmaker - Chili and Cinnamon

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
This smooth spicy-sweet chocolate awakens your senses with a soft cinnamon and then tantalizes the spirit with the arousing ancho chili flavoured spice of a first kiss.

Musee L'Amour - Pistachio and Almond Paste

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Open the box! Open the box!... Mummified kisses, sweet electricity of sensual touches, still glistening lips, dusty whispers and moans…


Niagara Bells - Bailey's Irish Cream & Coffee

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
Sublimely delicious, fiercely collaborative, flawlessly natural: it is like leaving your tongue in a bathtub full with fascinatingly warm Irish cream, in a public coffee shop.


Sultry Drift - Fresh Vanilla Bean Caramel

Candy & Chocolate · Levni Chocolates
This sublimely refined fresh vanilla bean caramel truffle is presented with an unexpected piquant twist from fiery cinnamon that floats on the edge of your tongue. One thing for sure it will warm your heart with its softly fading lemon and lime zest.